History of the Heisman Trophy

Don Criqui, the voice of Notre Dame football on the Notre Dame/IMG Sports Network, has been in his current position as a play-by-play broadcaster for eight years. Additionally, Don Criqui is the Northeast Representative for the Heisman Trophy Trust.

Since 1935 the Heisman Trophy has honored one outstanding college football player each year. A prestigious award, it symbolizes experience and competition and represents legendary status to recipients. The award takes its name from John Heisman, a football coach who led players at Oberlin College, Auburn University, and the University of Pennsylvania, among other colleges, in a career that spanned three decades.

In designing a trophy fit to represent excellence, the designer, sculptor Frank Eliscu, used New York University football player Ed Smith as a model to craft a trophy that portrayed a player driving forward to gain yards. The trophy is cast in bronze, weighs 45 pounds, and stands a little more than a foot in height.

Each year the trophy winner flies to New York City along with school officials in order to accept the award at the Heisman Trophy Dinner.