Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award Honors Broadcasting Professionals

A seasoned sportscaster, Don Criqui has commentated on football events ranging from college bowls to National Football League (NFL) games. Don Criqui has worked with networks such as NBC, CBS, and Dial Global, where he currently broadcasts as the voice of Notre Dame football. His commitment to football broadcasting earned him the 2003 Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award.

Each year, the Pro Football Hall of Fame presents the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award to a noteworthy football sports broadcasting professional. The award is one of the only honors for which industry executives can be considered. Award recipients are chosen by a panel of NFL representatives; Hall of Fame staff and trustee members; and select winners in years past. Chris Berman, Ed Sabol, and Irv Cross are among the individuals who have been honored with the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award.

The award is named after Pete Rozelle, the former NFL commissioner who held the position for three decades. Rozelle’s tenure came with many successes that shaped professional football broadcasting, including co-inventing Monday Night Football and developing the Super Bowl into a premier nationwide televised event.